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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hot. Really Hot. And Sweet Potato Salad

The Bean
and Me.

Here I am at Millenium Park after a few hours at the Taste of Chicago. Good Gravy it was so hot. Did I mention it was so hot? Whew.

And amid all the heat and more heat, I managed to try a few items...

Toasted Ravioli from Tuscany, Perogies, a chopped salad that just didn't stack up to my fav chopped salad (The chopped salad crown still belongs to Portillos) and the most delicious sweet potato salad..oh that was the highlight of the whole food fest...well that and the really really good SoCo Hurricane (ie a slushie drink made w/Southern Comfort).

Okay so I must share where the Sweet Potato Salad came from..oh it was so good, chunks of sweet potatoes the perfect consistency, some chopped scallions, a little chopped red pepper, some cilantro and a really light mayo thing holding it all together. Good thing I only had the taste portion. It was simply outrageously good. And now I MUST GO to the restaurant...

4004 N. Southport
Chicago, IL 60613

The day downtown was topped off w/a trip to the Signature Lounge in the Hancock Building. Where you can pay $7.50 for a beer and get the same view the observatory charges at least $8.00 sans beer. And at the Lounge they also have some great appetizers, including a cheese plate. I love a good cheese plate, only this one included figs..which it turns out I don't like and a goat cheese that was really really really too reminiscent of a trip to the Children's Zoo! Blech.

All in all a great day in a great city!

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Elizabeth (Beth) LaMie said...

Great story. I've never tried to make a sweet potato salad, but now I'm tempted.