First of all

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm on my lunch right now at work. How do I like working on a Sunday? Well I don't care for it. I like to sleep late on Sundays and not leave the house.

Did u have a nice Christmas? Mine was OK. The boys were disappointed with the amount of presents the received. Anna had more items to open, and that was a big problem. Of course the money spent was the same for each kid. *Sigh*

Moneywise there was no use of credit cards, and I had mypoints and debit card points I was able to use which stretched the funds--good thing imagine what the disappointment would have been w/o the freebies.

I think I am going to make a quiche with the leftover ham idea on the recipe yet for that.

Friday, December 17, 2010

I ordered this book from me to me for Christmas.  I would also like cute shoes, a gift card for and a necklace from Tiffanys.  Yes, I know I could purchase knock off Tiffanys.  Shrug, don't know why but I like to keep dreaming about the real thing.

News from first grade class Room 8. 
The whole class was on yellow.  The teacher 'thought' they were all talking in the hallway.  Hmm she just though it, really?  really Anna?  I guess they are all giddy with anticipation of next weeks 3 day week.  Listen to this, Monday Gingerbread houses, Tues Class Party, Wed hot cocoa and the Polar Express. How fun is that.  I want hot cocoa at work on Wed, I don't even need the movie..

Are you done Xmas shopping?  Ya?  Not me.  Though I don't know if I am going to shop much more.  I'm done shopping for Tom, as I mentioned he wants nothing, so that is very easy shopping. Anna wants everything she sees, Bryce just wants legos, and Patrick would be happy with a box of Andes Mints.

I'd like to just give out cash, well if I had some to give out, because I really really really am not a wrapper.  I don't like wrapping presents and it shows.  My wrapping looks like a 6 year old has done it.  Actually Anna is better at wrapping presents.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Its like a heat wave

The high for today is 31 F.  After the coldness this past week, 31 is a heat wave.  Warm enough I am going to go run today.  I don't like running in the winter.  Given a choice of going out to run and braving the cold, unshoveled sidewalks and patches of ice OR running on a tredmill, I'll take the elements. 

Being that it is Thursday, I was getting all giddy about tomorrow being Friday and the whole weekend coming up. And then I remembered, I'm working Saturday.  Actually Im done with work 2morrow night at 7:30 and then will be back at work by 7am on Sat.  I like the actual work I do, it's interesting and challenging.  I personally am just not a fan of leaving my house and going into work.  I could take a pass on all that.  I think the office we have in the basement is more posh for sure than my cubicle.  And the commute would be much better.  Overall, it would be better for the Environment, if I could work from home.  Really me going to work is a disservice to Mother Earth.

I wonder if I could get Michele Obama to push for more people to work from home, like she is working on childhood obesity?  We could have tax incentives for employers and all the work at home people could pledge to snack on healthy fruits and veggies from their kitchens.  I think I am on to something here.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Best Cookies Ever

Got the most lovely of gifts recently...Cheryls Cookies.  Man they are just the best cookies every. And it's really good that they come individually packaged.  That way they are very portable and its much easier for me to not accidently each a bunch at one time. The frosted sugar cookes are my faves...Oh they are so good.  You have to try them.  There is a link to get a sample pack of 6 for just the shipping of $6.95

Cheryls free sample

Speaking of gifts once again this year Tom has said that he doesn't want me or the kids to get him anything for Christmas because if he wants anything he just goes and buys it.  This is such a pain, and no fun.  Christmas is about giving and I'd just like to be able to get him a few things for Xmas.  I guess he is trying to be helpful, but it's just a killjoy. Maybe I should wrap up some of his existing stuff so he has stuff to open on Christmas.  Yep That's what I am going to do!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Look Mom Zombie Intestines!

I know it's been ridiculously long since I posted.  I meanted to post about 500x in the  past 2 months. I even downloaded an app to do blogging via my phone but I can't get it to work w/blogger so much for that.

Yesterday in the wind and snow it was time for my holiday work party.  The party is geared toward kids so not only was there a visit from Santa but also a wandering Magician (actually 2) and a balloon lady.  While I was getting a  plate of food from the buffet.  I love brunch, esp where there is bacon and chocolate upon it--while I was off grabbing food the Balloon lady visited the kids. 

I sat down to eat my food and Anna was quick to show off her balloon Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  "Look it's Rudolph!  Rudolph really looks like a poodle, should I show him to Santa?  Sure Anna, you can show him to Santa.  No you can't  have my bacon...

And then there was much eating, kids playing, raffle prizes and even a DJ.  Anna and Bryce were tearing up the dance floor.  They also played very nicely with a couple of younger girls that were at our table, which was nice to see them being so well behaved as to be mini babysitters.  Gave me warm fuzzies.

And then as we drove out of sight, due to low visibility based on the snow and wind, Patrick pipes up from the back seat.  "Okay I still have 10 math problems to do...and my Art Project, "  Bryce chimed in with dibs on the Nintendo DS, and Anna had the last word with...

Look Mom my Rudolph came apart! Now it's Zombie Intestines!