First of all

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i make a spongebob cake patrick turns 8.

On May 9th Patrick turned 8. So made him a Spongebob cake, as he requested. Now this is the only time I have ever tried to make a cake that wasn't a reg sheet cake. If you think that it looks swell I credit watching episodes of the ACE OF CAKES on the foodnetwork for inspiration. If you don't think it looks swell, then I blame being on painkillers at the time of making the cake. See on May 8th, I had oral surgery and so on May 9th, I was pretty loopy.

May 10th was Patrick's party and as far I could tell, the kids all had fun. We got lucky with the weather, it was cool, but sunny and my Amazing Race game went over big w/the kids--which was great cause I was really fretting about how to amuse a bunch of 8 year olds w/o people fighting over the Wii.

Mothers day I let the boys play on the Wii too much and I watched Juno. Which was a good movie, good for renting.

And now we only have 12! 12 more days of school left. ekkkk.

Gas today was over $4.00 a gallon and with gas and food really eating up our budget, we decided we'll not go on vacation to Boston this year. I was so glad I was able to switch my 2 free hotel nights from the hotel in Boston to a marriott downtown. So right before the 4th we'll have a two day vacation in Chicago. That will be fun.