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Monday, July 30, 2012

Why am I on linkedin?

I was filling out a form to join a blogging network and one of the required pieces of info was my linkedin profile.  When I went over to Linkedin, which I hardly ever do, I realized I have been on there since 2007.

Do you know what that means?  Five years of not knowing what the point of being on Linkedin. Are you Linkedin?  If so can you please tell me what I am supposed to do on there?  Why am I there? Anyone know?

A while back I went on to my profile and on the right hand side it said "link your resume to complete your profile." So I did, and guess what, apparently that is a generic message because all of a sudden my profile had all my career info listed 3 times. Even then my profile sits at 90% complete.

Linkedin also keeps telling me to add another email address to my profile. I refuse. Why does it keep asking?  Facebook doesn't bug me for multiple email addresses. 

How about you?  On Linkedin?  Profile Complete?

Friday, July 27, 2012

It's Friday. I don't care.

Hey how's it going?  Got big plans for the weekend?  Got any plans?  Nah, I don't, in fact, I'm having a sucky day. Here are a couple low lights.
1. I spilled coffee all over the paperwork I filled out to register the kids for school.  I also spilled it on my planner and on a couple of birth certificates (part of the whole registering kids for school process).
2. I couldn't get new paperwork and register the kids for school because I didn't have my electric bill.  See apparently there is something called your 911 Address and that is on your electric bill.  I don't know what the difference is, but I didn't have that paper.  It was around 12:15pm when I was trying to get this done, so I said I'd go and get the bill and come back.  However, the lady said she was getting ready to leave for the day, so I'd have to come back on Monday.

I had two thoughts on that:

Personally, I don't think it would be too much to ask to have someone that could help me if I came to register btwn the hours of 9-3pm.  *Shrug* what can you do.  I guess she had a better weekend plan than me. Secondly, I thought, man, wish that was my job, sounds pretty flexible and I am sure the benefits are nice.

The rest of the day was tedium and life with IMO Grumplstilskin. Mr. Crabby Patty. Bah, and I don't feel like making dinner.

Now is the part where I try to muster up some happy thoughts.
1. I noticed that some of the men around here don't say "Thank You" to people they deal with (cashiers and whatnot) instead they say:
"I appreciate ya"
I think I really like that. Who doesn't want to be appreciated?  Nobody.  Everyone wants appreciation. In fact, I'd like appreciation more than say, a bag of chips or $20.

2. I saw a cool butterfly and it let me take it's picture:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#WordlessWednesday Next Week I'll be out of town!

A week from tomorrow is the Tastefully Simple National Conference.  I can't wait. 4 days of friends, motivation and no cleaning up after anyone. Ah...

Above is me having participated in the Shining Chef Competition at our 2009 conference.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So. whatcha been up to?

Holy Smokies it's been a week since I blogged.  That is just bad form!  I've got a goal to write 250 posts this year and posting once a week ain't gonna do it.

Now is it just me or has this been the longest July on record?  I feel like it has been July for about 8 weeks.  Typing that last scentence brings to mind my recent comments on May.  I don't know if I bored you as well as my Facebook friends with my thoughts on how May was the longest month ever.

It seems that I am not feeling as though time is flying by, hmm, could this be because the children are home for summer break?  I don't know.  I suppose that this slowness of time should be seen as a good thing, as well, life is short. 

This week I started running a coffee shop here in Hayesville. It's called Cafe Touche.  Everyone who comes in is quite nice--which is good because I am having major frothing issues.  I can't get my milk to foam up.  My lattes are nottes.

I work from 7AM until 3PM, so this basically will match up with the kids school.  The Man's store Golftopia opens at 10am, so he will be in charge of getting the kids off to school in the morning.
Stop it!  I know you are laughing, I am too.  He is just going to have to figure it out!  Breakfast and lunches and kids wearing clean clothes, it's more work than it appears.

I am betting with the return of a schedule for me, time will speed back up and the next thing you know I"ll be talking about how I can't believe it is Thanksgiving.  If I am lucky, I'll also be sharing how I am busy running around doing Tastefully Simple parties at night and making latte art during the days!

Here is a picture of Anna AKA Trail Mix and Patrick AKA Finn playing Scrabble at Cafe Touche.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's the middle of July and I feel like Summer is Over

I'm feeling like Fall is right around the corner. This has nothing to do with the current weather. I'm feeling like Fall for several reasons.

1. Because March this year seemed like June--and that was weather related--
2. Football practice has started--we all know Football rhymes with Fall.
3. Tastefully simple's fall product unveiling is just around the corner! National Conference always makes me feel Fallish.

Time sure flies, I hope to get a chance sometime soon to smell the roses.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Has this ever happened to you?

Thursday morning I was up bright and early and I was reaching for my toothbrush when all of a sudden I heard a crunching sound.

A crunching sound that was my neck. It's killing me. Heating pad, cold compress, Advil, all that amounts to is me not getting any sleep.

I hate not being able to find a comfy position to fall asleep. Of course, the last two nights The Man has sleep like a log. Brutal.

Insult to injury, I can't think when I'm in pain. Hopefully tomorrow will dawn and I'll be feeling better.

Monday I'm checking to see if my new medical insurance covers chiropractic visits.

Note: I'm typing this post on blogger mobile, I like that it corrects my typos as I am typing.

On the lighter side here is the street right by a local golf course. Snicker, snort, 8th grade boy humor-- but I has to share!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ever Heard of Froobi?

Froobi is a daily deal site I ran across via Swagbucks. Everyday, they send me an email and in it there are two deals. That's it. Just two.  They make it very easy for me to go ahead, click on the email and take a quick glance at what they are offering each day. 

Typically they do trend toward offering about 25% jewlery and about 20% baby/toddler related items.  So often the two deals are not of interest to me.  I click and check out my daily Froobi anyway because you never know! 

Now don't quote me on this part, because I could be wrong, but I think they offer free shipping.  Maybe not all the time, but it seems like most of the time.  Alway fun to get a deal and free shipping!

Additionally you get swagbucks for your purchases, so reward points just like a credit card might offer w/o the pain of revolving debt.  You can see my swagbucks on the left.

So there you have it, I recommend Froobi!  Try it and let me know what great deals you grab!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some stuff is worth doing yourself.

If you want to, you can make pretty much everything yourself, and the instructions for it all are located on Pinterest.

Here are some examples:

40 ways to do shoulder-length hair. pin now, read later.
Mason Jars - Twenty Five Creative Ways to Use Them
Homemade Febreze

See what I mean?  Who knew you could just make your own Febreze and 25 things with Mason Jars.

Well I really need to go pin some more uses for glass jars.  We have tons of pickle and spaghetti sauce jars due to Patrick the Pickle Eater and Bryce who loves Pasta.

In the meantime, I have found for you something very much worth doing yourself!  It's easy! 

From Passion for Savings!

How to make your own Whitening Rinse

All you need to do is mix Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda and a few drops of McCormick Mint Extract.

Too Easy!!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

#WordlessWednesday Howdy!

Across from the future home of Golftopia, is Stampede a Western Wear & Feed Store.  There Anna found what she has been looking for, and now she says she doesn't have to brush her hair anymore.

Here she is making a goofy face.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fireworks, Food, the Fouth

I was over on youtube, why was I on youtube?  I don't really remember. I think my brain has been fried by the heat. Earlier today we were out doing errands, and the walk from the air-conditioned car to the air-conditioned store, sapped my will to live.

Now what was the point of this blog post?  Oh yes.  The end of the Fiscal Year for Tastefully Simple has arrived and while it wasn't one of my better sales years, I am still extremely grateful for the flexibility my business  has given me in this crazy year of job loss, house loss and moving.

So July dawns and with it a clean slate and fresh goals for the new Tastefully Simple year. My goal this coming year is to introduce Tastefully Simple to hundreds of people in my new hometown and continue to be the fastest growing team in Western North Carolina!

Back to youtube, below you can see a video from Tastefully Simple with some great easy tips for your July 4th (or any summer) party!