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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another Weekend On the Books.

Did you have a great weekend? I hope you had fun, saw friends and famiy and maybe brought a little Tastefully Simple to any backyard BBQs that you attended.

Last night my friend and I had a great time seeing Steve Dahl and the Nadas at North Beach in Downer's Grove. Too bad I still don't have that new digital camera I need because my cell phone just wasn't cutting it. There are a bunch of pics from the show already posted at, I check through them and there are no silly pictures of me dance. LOL

It's always nice to have a big frosty drink if you are dancing or listening to a band and so I'll share a few frosty drink recipes:

Prickly Pear Margaritas


3 T. Prickly Pear Cooler
1 can limeade
1 Corona beer
1 can water
3/4 -1 can tequila
1-2 can ice

Use limeade can for measuring purposes.

Christi Seelen's White Chocolate Chiller
A fabulous ADULT version of the Chiller!

2 scoops (8 Tbsp.) Vanilla Bean Chiller™
5 oz. cold milk
1 oz. vanilla vodka
1 oz. white chocolate liqueur (I used Godiva, but I think there are other brands too)
1 1/2 cups ice

Combine ingredients in blender; blend on high until smooth.

Number Of Servings:2

Preparation Time:5 minutes

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