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Media & Sponsorship Kit

Who the heck am I?

I'm Victoria Hamel,  mom to three kiddos, and wife to one husband.

I've worked from home for 10 years as a Tastefully Simple Consultant and have blogged for several years. This year I have begun a concerted effort to increase my online and blog profile.

My blog is focused on my life and my loves.  When I share with my readers, I share my personal experiences and hopefully give them 'news they can use.'

Topics most discussed on my blog are recipes and easy meal ideas, great coupon deals, my fondness for reading paranormal/urban fantasy and self improvement books, and my goals to live an organized and greener life.

What I'm looking for...

I'm looking to partner with brands that know women are the ones who do the shopping, budget for the big purchases, need less stress and want more healthy/environmentally conscious options.

I'm looking to partner with writers out there who need and want more readers.

I'm looking to partner with other bloggers and small business owners who'd like to promote their products via giveaways and/or discounts to my readers.

What I offer...

My blog footprint is growing. At present I have over 1000 page views a month.  On Facebook and Twitter I have over 500 followers. I am on Pinterest, LinkedIn, and GooglePlus. I share what I love with passion and on every social media platform I use daily.

I provide sponsored posts, product reviews and giveaways, sidebar ad space, as well as, conference sponsoring opportunities.  I'm also open to ideas you might offer.

If you are interested in working with Building My Dreams One Beer Bread at a Time contact me at My Email:

Thanks for your interest! I look forward to partnering with you!
Victoria Hamel.

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