First of all

Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday: Putting the M in Mundane.

A week from Wed I leave for our National Conference. Can't wait. I was thinking of packing my suitcase today, but then I thought hmm. a bit too early.

Exciting news around here...our cat Friday who only eats Friskies Salmon dinner in a can--actually ate cat food I got at aldi.

can of Friskies from Walgreens: 69 cents. can of Friskies from Jewel: 59 cents. can of Friskies from Walmart: 49 cents.

can at Aldi: 23 cents. Number of cans of cat food the cat goes thru a day = 2-3

So... we go thru a good 20 cans a week. Yippee.

Yes it doesn't take much to pass for exciting news.

School count down: 2 weeks from Today!

*note to self: see if the boys have gym shoes that fit.

Friday, August 1, 2008

August 1st

August has arrived. Back on June 1st who know how quickly it would arrive. I'll be leaving for my National Conference in 13 days. And it looks like Tom will have to travel to New York again for work either the 11, 12 or 13--any of which will mean some extra child care shuffling...but it will all workout. Fingers Crossed.

This morning you might have thought it was 10/1 around here instead of 8/1. Patrick left for his last day of summer school sporting a sweatshirt and long pants (apparently it has been really cold in the classroom. And I made a big pot of Mama's soup per Bryce's request for breakfast-and then I really wanted a cookie so I made a batch of peanut butter cookies from a recipe in a cookbook given to me by my good friend Beth LeMie, Personal Historian.