First of all

Thursday, July 24, 2008

So S-L-O-W

this morning my IE is just running really really slow. It's very very I tried the safari browser on my pc and that worked ah 500x faster, but not all the features for websites works w/that--esp. links so not as helpful as it could be to me.

Tomrrow is my big garage sale AND 7/25/08--ie Christmas in July. Not that that means anything, just a little observation. Being Christmas in July Eve, there was an article in the Tribune talking about a retailers already being worried about the holiday shopping season. I think we'll just focus on socks and underwear for the kids this year...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So I set up a facebook page tonight, it was that or do more laundry --ugh. Facebook seems pretty user friendly, didn't see an option to add a song that loads when you click on my page, but I'm not a fan of suprise music so that's fine with me.

Tomorrow we are headed back to the beach, this time my camera is charged and ready so I should actually get some pics this time!