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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Change in Schedule

Last night and this afternoon, I had 2 Tastefully Simple Party scheduled, but my hosts had to reschedule until August. So this left me with empty slot in my calendar. I tell you the 2nd wknd in July is a great time to have a suprise opening in my calendar!

Yesterday we spend the day garage sale-ing in Palos Hills where they are having a 2 day all town garage sale event. We drove from house to house down blocks here and there scouting the goods to be had for mere pennies on the dollar.

The big finds...

*Care Bear Twin Sheet Set w/Pillow Case New! $4.00

*2 Long Sleeve White Sox Shirts for Bryce $.50 each

* A SpongeBob Rock Em Soc Em game for $3.00 ---Patrick Freaked over that!

And the best find of all...

a Dora Doll House w/accessories and the dolls for $15.00.

Anna is really loving that, today Tom figured out you can open up the top to make a 2nd floor on the house.
So that was our adventures in Garage Sales. Then Anna, Bryce and I went to the library and they got their Summer Book Contest sheet stamped, picked out a was all good!

And later on we went to the movies w/the kids best friends and our awesome friends and saw Transformers. It was really good, I always love a good movie where the little guy defeat evil and saves the world. This one was also was pro-military and I also love movies w/our troops in them. I guess I like a good good vrs. evil battle. So in any case I agree w/Richard Roeper and give Transformers a thumbs up.

Today, we are probably going to make it to the Palos Friendship Fest, and the fun for me is tonight I'm going with a friend of mine to see Steve Dahl and the Nadas play at North Beach.
It's always fun to go see and say hi to the man I listen to on the radio 5 days a weeks and the man who married me and tom!

A nice twist on the standard slaw featuring our new Ginger Teriyaki Ranch Dressing

Ginger Teriyaki SlawSubmitted by Rosemary (MN) HQ Resident Chef

Ingredients 1 cup Ginger Teriyaki Ranch Dressing or to taste
16 oz. pkg. shredded cabbage for cole slaw
1 red bell pepper, diced
Chopped, fresh cilantro for garnish
Directions Combine first 3 ingredients; toss gently to blend.
Garnish with fresh cilantro. Makes 8-10 servings.

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