First of all

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am just devastated (tongue in cheek)

So I have been following my money saving guru, Rachel of And so I have been taking advantage of great deals at Jewel. Since Jewel is more pricey than other options in my area such as Aldi, Fairplay, and Tony's, I don't get to do all my shopping there I have to pick and choose.

And now I will definitely be shopping my closest and favorite grocery store far less often. Why you ask? In the past Jewel has had 'catalina' deals based on the shelf not sale price. So for example this is the deal I was trying to get this week.

Purchase $25.00 in select Kraft products and receive $8 off your Easter Ham. So I purchased over $25 shelf priced participating Kraft products that were $18.18 after the preferred card discounts.

When I got to the check out, the $8 wasn't taken off. I said hold on! wheres my $8 off (not in those words but you get it) so the cashier got the manager who told me, the discount was a coupon for your next purchase. I said:
Oh No. I called and they said it wasn't a catalina deal (that is the machine that dispenses coupons for next purchases based on your current purchases). I was told it was spend $25 on the participating products and buy your ham at the same time and get $8.00 off a ham.

the manager suspended the sale and went over to her desk. Then came back a while later. and said my Kraft Purchases added up to $18.18. I said hold the phone, the total of purchased items goes off the shelf price not the sale price. And then she said.

"that was a glitch in the system and there should have never been catalinas given out off the shelf price, it was always supposed to be the sale price and now that is fixed."

Grrrrr. So now I would like to know if this is true for all locations or what. In any case I will be much less likely to go out of my way to get the best deal I can at Jewel. It's easier to skip all that and go elsewhere--