First of all

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jogging with Anna

yesterday before I ran, Anna begged to come with, so I took her around the block with me one time and then she was very upset that I was going back out to run. Why couldn't she come with, ah well Anna
1. I run to get some quiet time away from you kids (that was just in my head, I didn't actually tell her that one)
2. I'm going to run 6 miles, your not ready for that.

So she says what do I have to do to go the whole way with you. And I agreed to take her around the block twice today.

Anna is quite disappointed that I will not let her run in her flip flops. She feels they are more than adequate for running. I tell her, no gym shoes no running. Then she looks for a compromise by putting on silver flats given to her by the Mighty Maggie--all clothes and shoes from Maggie are the best! ATA (According to Anna). I say fine.

We head out for our jog, Anna is next to me running along and she says:

Mama, I look so cute jogging with these shoes on, I like to look down at them!

She is such the fashionista!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

For the love of Pete

Oh for the love of Pete, Patti blogovich (sp?) is going to do that reality show since her narcassistic criminal husband can't leave the country. Those poor kids of theirs!

Monday, May 11, 2009

From the Kids...

They keep calling the concession stand at Bryce's baseball games:
The confession stand.
Catholic Church take note, I bet if you served hot pretzels with cheese and Icee drinks more people would go to confession...