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Thursday, May 20, 2021

If Culinary Cozies Are Your Coconut Jam

 Then you are going to enjoy the stuffing out of Arsenic and Adobo the first book in the new Tita Rosie's Kitchen Mysteries series by Mia Manansala.  This is Mia's first book and it's had a great debut, popping up on a bunch of best new book lists. 

This book tells the tale of Lila Macapagal a twenty-five-year-old who has moved back home to help the family business and forget about a terrible ex-boyfriend.  She is also a first-generation Filipino American who spends her free time concocting recipes using traditional Filipino cuisine and giving it her own spin.  Not long after arriving home Lila has new ex-boyfriend problems when an old high school sweetheart keels over in Tita Rosies' restaurant!

Lila is quickly accused of killer her ex-boyfriend and the restaurant, which was already behind on the rent payments is shut down. The clock is ticking; will Lila find the killer and save her family's restaurant?  

My local coffee shop has a new seasonal drink...Ube Iced Latte!  IFYKYK!

I listened to the audio of this book which was read by Danice Cabanela who does a wonderful job of acting out the numerous characters in this first book. It was a very entertaining listen and a nice distraction while running.  I did struggle to keep track of the characters in the book because there were quite a few and it is a little harder for me to keep track when I listen instead of having a book a can flip back through easily. 

Mia Manansala really excels in her food descriptions.  My mouth was watering!  This book is a culinary delight.  I liked getting to know some of the residents of Shady Palms, IL and it was a treat to be invited into Tita Rosie's home. I enjoyed the touch of romance, the diverse cast of first-generation Asian Americans, and it did my little heart good to read about the way Lila's family expressed their love for each other through food. 

4 Stars for this cozy!  I think the second book will build upon this one and I am looking forward to seeing Lila and her friends and family again soon! 

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