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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Updates from the Moving Truck.

I have survived the Great Southern Move of 2012.  In case you were worried, The Man survived as well. Now we are on to new challenges such as:
1. Where to put all The Man's stuff. I vote in the garage. He disagrees.
2. What bit the B Man?  His hand is swollen and itchy.
3. What is a better nickname for Anna?  T-Bone or Trailmix?

The great news is that not only did we all make it down here in one piece, my china set also made it in one piece!

Wait--It gets even better, I'm already up and running with my job.  On the Tastefully Simple front I attended my first meeting as an official member of the Tri State Business Women!  It's a great group, active and involved in the community as well.

On the Virtual Call Center Front our internet and phone were installed on Friday and I've been taking calls and have already racked up over 200 minutes.  (I get paid by the minute). 

Yesterday I also found the box containing my favorite cooking pot, I was beginning to think I accidently sold it. Here are some pictures of our adventures over the past week:

Boxes Blech.

The boy embrace their new bedroom.

The Man getting our chairs put together. And a deck that needs painting!

Picture of view on the walk down to our mailbox.

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