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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Good Reads for Me! Up Jumps The Devil!

Last week I had nothing to read, and I am way to far from my old public library and don't have a new North Carolina driver's license yet.

This is what I looked like last week

Me - Books = Sad Panda

This week :

Me + Books = Happy Girl

I'm super excited because today my copy super, super hot off the presses came my copy of "Up Jumps The Devil"  by Micheal Poore.  I was so excited to 'meet' Mr. Poore via Twitter and am even more excite to review this book!  Here is a little blurb by one of my top 5 favorite authors in this Century:

"Even the devils of Milton and Shaw fall short in charisma and charm to Michael Poore's John Scratch. Up Jumps the Devil is a fine, funny novel by a talented writer. Buy it. Read it. Enjoy!"
-- Christopher Moore, Author of Sacré Bleu and Lamb.


If Christopher Moore says it's good reading, then it has to be great.

Up Jumps the Devil  is available for preorder at Amazon ! Get it for yourself? Get it for your dad--Father's Day is coming up! I'm going to be sinking my teeth into it this weekend and will be sharing a review as soon as I am done reading.

Now from a beverage-pairing perspective, I'm thinking that one could indulge in a Smore  Martini while enjoying Up Jumps the Devil seeing as Old Scratch is toasting some on the front cover of the book.

My thoughts on a Smore Martini:
Take a martini glass, drizzle some hot fudge sauce in it.  Then use the sauce to coat the rim of the glass so you can dip the rim in crumbled graham crackers.
Next  take a shot each of Marshmallow Creme Vodka and Godiva Chocolate Liquer shake em up and pour em in your glass and voila: fancy drink!

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