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Monday, June 4, 2012

Jumping Juniper, Yep I can't think of a catchy title today

I just realized it is Monday not Tuesday. Yesterday I was hoping it was Saturday, but it was actually Sunday.  We've only been on Summer Break for a week and already I've lost all track of time.

We've only been moved into our new home for a week and already the kids have gone Native.  The Bman has decided that shoes are for sissies.  Anna, I mean Trail Mix,  noticed that people around her pronounce her cousin's name Will more like Weeeellll (long E) and is copying that pronounciation. 

And Mr. P or should I say "Lightning Rod" thinks trees are stupid and why do we have to have so many.  Okay well Lightning Rod is not going Native.

The man is researching opening a discount golf store, and can we all cross our fingers that he can make that happen as:
1. It's his lifelong dream.
2. He could write off going golfing as a business expense?
3. He'd be out of my hair.

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