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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So Do You Know Lenin's real name?

Last week The Man and I went to trivia night with some of the members of my new networking group the Tri-State Business Women.  This local sports bar type place, has a weekly trivia game hosted by a DJ. 

Now listen, it isn't that easy bar trivia you might play when you go down to the Buffalo Wild Wings. It's not a bunch of multiple choice stuff.  This is old school.  You write down your answers on a piece of paper and hand them to the DJ.  You use a pencil and people don't google answers.

You would think with the event being so retro, I would have been able to indulge in an ice cold Zima.  I put a wiki link in there for anyone under 25 who might be reading. 

Alas, Zima was discontinued back in 2008 and not even playing retro trivia can bring it back to life.  Interestingly, I learned on wiki that Zima is Slavic for 'Winter'.  This segues right into the Bonus Trivia Question we ended the night upon. 

What is the real name of Lenin?  Not John Lennon of the Beatles. The other one, Lenin the Communist Russian Leader.  Look I don't even know his first name.  I thought he was a one-namer like Cher or Madonna.

Turns out his first name is Vladamir and his real last name is  Ulyanov. Why did he change his name? I do not know.  The wiki is long and was compiled by some smartypants with lots of Russian Characters that are indecipherable to me.

We are going back for more trivia one Thursday soon, to wash the taint of our Epic Russian Fail away! We want to win! 

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