One Beer Bread at a Time.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rain Rain Flood, Humidity, Tornados in Downtown Chicago

Our sump pump couldn't keep up, we took on some water in the basement, just a bit...but still not good. Good thing we have awfully ugly linoleum tile and not a nice carpet! I can't see the green in this pic, but that is the tile, just imagine that the white areas are green...sea green.
Today was one of those days where you can't figure out what you did all day, and the full basket of laundry and the dishes in the sink aren't doing anything but reinforcing that feeling.
We are already just about through the first week of school...Tomorrow's dinner will be pizza at Chuck E Cheese. In my opinion, it's not too bad, considering the source...
I have a butternut squash I need to figure out what to do with....I will be sure to share how I cook it...using some Tastefully Simple products of course...right now I have no clue what I will do...
Bah, if it wasn't so hot today and if I had one in the house, I would have made our new favorite bread...Cranberry Pecan bread..just add an egg (or is it two...) and a cup of water. It is SO good. I can't wait to share it w/everyone this fall!!!--especially my fellow cranberry lovers! The Cranberry Pecan bread would be even better w/a nice cup of our new Caramel something Latte drink. I can't remember the name how good it is distracts me!

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