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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

His own room

For six months my younger brother was living with us in our basement. He moved out this past weekend to head out for the big city...NYC.

And the moment he left, Patrick was packing up his stuff to move into his own room. This was all young Patrick's idea, and boy is he happy about having his own room...except when it's time to sleep. That has been a bit of a work in progress involving a nightlight and several back up lights on throughout the basement.

I'm very excited that Patrick now has his own room, there is less fighting btwn him and his brother and he has a place for all his important stuff...such as a bottle cap...a ragged Miles Kimball catalog, lots of little legos, an an assortment of Spongebob stuff.

He also found and had me hang up several St. Patricks Day related school art works. Such as a paper potato wearing a green leprechan hat. St. Patrick's Day is Patrick's day you see?

When Patrick is not writing in his Imagination Journal on his makeshift desk he enjoys this meal...

Boneless Chicken Breasts marinaded in Balsalmic and Basil Dipping Oil and baked.

Roasted Potatoes: I take potatoes leave the skins on and cube them up then toss them w/a bit of olive oil and Tastefully Simple's Italian Seasoning Salt and put them on a Pam sprayed pan and bake those...


Broccoli steamed w/a little of our Seasoned Salt.

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