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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Long Time No Post

Well I've not had much Internet time over the last two weeks because we are down at our new place in North Carolina and while we called to get Internet hooked up it hasn't been hooked up as of yet. 

Me and the kids are driving back to Chicagoland tomorrow, so at least Tom will get the benefit of Internet and a home phone. 

Arriving back in the Land of Lincoln will be a bit of a shock as we have just gotten used to warm sunny days in the 70s and cooler evenings.  Now we will have to get reacquainted with rainy gloom and temps in the low 50s.  Booo. 

This pic is Patrick modeling his new robe on the deck which needs painting.  This pic was take right after we arrived as you can see the trees are pretty bare.  Today I can report that on many of the trees unfurling of leaves has taken place.  Total Nature Splendor in every direction.

My friend K would be so happy if she was here, as my SIL found 2 baby snakes--which may or may not have been copperheads--We needed a herpetologist.

Now I am dreading the drive home for a few reasons, would you like to hear them?
1. It's a long drive all to be driven by me having consumed massive doses of caffeine.

2. The afore mentioned crummy weather.

3. The kids just got accustom to the move and the area, so there will be another adjustment period as we come back to finish the school year and another one when we come back down in June.

4. I have to pack up the house.

5. The Man is going to move all the stuff in our NC house around and I won't like the way he will organized stuff.

On the bright side we had an offer on our old house! Woot!


Karen Lux said...

Hi Victoria, I'm sorry you're moving but it sounds like a beautiful area and you sound happy about it. Best of luck! Let's meet at Starbucks before you leave if you have any time.
Karen Lux

Beth (Elizabeth) LaMie said...

Vic, that's terrific how well things are falling into place for you. I totally understand how you feel about the trip to/from NC. I'm SO glad Jason moved back (to Mt. Prospect) with his family last year.

I'm sure you are swamped with things to do, but before you move, consider taking photos of the old house with the kids & some of their favorite areas. It might help when they get a bit homesick for 'home.'

Good luck on your move & I hope you'll stay in touch.

Beth LaMie - Personal Historian

Victoria said...

thanks so much! Of course I'll KIT!