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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Night Surfing Dance Moms, Gnomes, and Mocktails

So it's a rocking Saturday night here.  The man is out of town. My fav 7 year old girl is at a sleepover--and she didn't call for me to come get her!  And the boys need to turn off the Netflix and go to bed.

What am I up to? Surfing the web and watching Dance Moms Miami.  Yes I know, it's embarrassing. Why am I watching it?  It's like potato chips. Wrong but you can't stop!

The one instructor with the tall hair is so 80s in his wardrobe, I might be watching it just to see his outfits.   Comically, when I searched "Dance Moms Miami" on Swagbucks I won the most swagbucks (25) I've ever won for a search. I LOL'd.  really.

Search & Win

I also checked in on Twitter and saw that a website Garden Gnome World retweeted a tweet I wrote about wanting a garden gnome and blaming it on a glass of Riesling.  Clearly I had to go over to their website, and once there I found the funniest gnomes.  Battle Gnomes. Maybe the children can pick me up a couple for Mother's Day? 

And no I've not had more Riesling.  I had a glass of Crystal Light Appletini(it's a mocktail) which is really good. I've never had an appletini-I was always preggo or nursing during the Martini Fad--so I don't know if their drink mix tastes anything like a real appletini.  We all like the Crystal Light over here.  The boys are big fans of drinks that are green.

Yes, of course it was on sale and I had a coupon, otherwise I wouldn't have given it a try! You can't find coupons on their website. They are part of the Kraft Brands, but it looks like they do release coupons if you friend them on facebook. Mine came from a tear off pad at the store.

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