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Friday, March 23, 2012

Some deals That I like

I have gotten this deal before, spend $10 and get $20 to spend at .  It's up again at Living Social and when I got it last I bought 4 super awesome pillows so now I can sleep without tossing and turning because my neck hurt.  Set of 4 pillow from overstocks was like $37 after my discounts.

Also today is Friday which means people who search the web with swagbucks are earning lots of extra swag on Friday.  They call it MSBD.  If you aren't signed up with Swagbucks here is a code to get you an extra 70 swagbucks for joining!  So you always get 30 when you join and if you sign up now and enter  MARCHSWAG and it must be entered during registration! The code expires 11:59pm PT on April 2nd.  You can click the pic here to sign up. 

Why bother to use swagbucks?

1. Makes searching a bit more fun.
2. Free stuff.  You can get trinkety stuff for as little as 30 swagbucks--so could be fun for the kids. OR you could save all your bucks to get gift cards!  Nothing better than a nice gift card for example. Gift cards start at the 500 level. I've been a member for about a month and we have over 1200 bucks. And that is without much effort frankly!

Search & Win

But wait...there is more. If you join Swagbucks and then go to One King Lane you should see a 10% off discount code pop up on the right hand side of your screen.  You can couple that with my $15 off your order referral code and get some great deals (think even better than TJ Maxx or Marshalls!) on all sorts of great home stuff. I like to look at the awesome furniture.

On Google Offers there is a $20 for $40 at One King Lane available for 2 more days.  I bought one and redeemed it last night.

This is one of the items I got a set of 4 rooster salad plates.  It has an en francois motif. Cost before discounts on the plates $19.

Everything is closeout so sales are final.  The products are grouped and sold for about a max of 7 days. All of it is great looking.  Some is designer highend tag sales and/or antiques and some is for the stylish budget concious.

So those are my favorite things and my fav deal for today! I hope you have a great Friday, it's nice and rainy here which means the grass is going to grow.  Not cool with Tom being out of town...

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