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Monday, September 20, 2021

Everything I Wanted To Happen Happened! Review of Heart of Obsidian- Books Of My Heart Read Along!

The year and this read-along is rapidly coming to a close. I was very excited to read this book. Since the moment Kaleb Krychek entering the series, I've been hoping he'd get a book. And this is his book!  It was so well done, I'd give this six stars if I could. I don't even know how the next couple of books will top this one! Maybe they won't and that will be OK, but I think Nalini Singh has some additional tricks up her sleeve...looking at you Tatiana and Ming...

I loved this!  The perfect reveal! 

It's happening!  They are learning that they have to work together to avoid disaster!  I love this! 

Well, that's all I can really say about the book, I don't want to spoil anything.  I'm so glad I decided to join Books of My Heart's read-along this year! This series has been so enjoyable!  I loved this book so much I'm already a third of the way into the next book, which is building on book 12 in a great way. Again I can't say much, I don't want to spoil! 

I hope you are having a very nice Monday.  Fall is right around the corner!! 


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Northwoman said...

Yay! I love getting your thoughts and seeing the quotes you choose. Thanks so much for sharing!

Anne - Books of My Heart