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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Starting Off The Week With A Free Short Read and Another Rom Com from The Mystic Bayou!

 I've read and listened to a few shorter stories so I thought I'd give some reviews here. But before I do that, I have to share this great spring picture I took on my run the other day. I'm working on increasing my mileage so I am working on expanding my running routes. This is on a four-mile route I do most often during the summer, why? Great question!  In the winter if there is snow, too much of the route isn't shoveled and I don't like trying to run in drifts of snow.  But in the spring, it's a good route and has some of my favorite trees. 

Since I enjoyed running with Love and Other Wild Things, I decided to go right into the next book in the Mystic Bayou series. This one is called  Selkies Are A Girl's Best Friend, and like the other books in this series, the readers are Amanda Ronconi and Jonathan Davis. 

This time around it's Sonja--Gillian's best friend who's come to Mystic Bayou.  She's the office manager and more for the league office and her dander is up from the moment she meets the new Doctor in town Will Camody.  Yes, this is starting off with an enemies to lovers vibe! As I've said before this series is nice to listen to while working out or cleaning.  The readers seem to be having fun acting out these books so you stay engaged in the story and the romance is comedic.  It's a light and fun escape listen! 

In case you aren't aware, selkies are seal people. When they are in the water they are seals and when they are on land, they are people people. 

If you like cozy mysteries, I have a free taste of a series for you!  Just click hear and you can sign up for Ellen Jacobson's newsletter and get a free ecopy of her prequel  Robbery at the Roller Derby. It's a novella origin story for Ellen Jacobson's Mollie McGhie's Sailing Mystery Series.   Mollie is the kind of ametur sleuth I'd like to have as a friend in real life. She's smart, kind and no one's fool.  The prequel doesn't have a murder this is a robbery mystery.  I liked this aspect, I feel that it's hard to build up suspects in a book that is only about 40% as long as a mystery novel. I will be reading on in this series.  I thought this first story was well-crafted and a nice distraction!
Mollie in Robbery at the Roller Derby



sjhigbee said...

That cherry blossom looks so beautiful against the blue sky! And I'm beyond impressed that you regularly run further than to the top of your stairs... Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your books - the Mystic Bayou series looks like fun:)

Greg said...

Ooh selkies are kinda neat. I read a book about them once.