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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Happy National Unicorn Day! Today I have 3 Short Book Reviews! And a #VegetarianDinnerOption

Hey hey, I got to use my mini food processor for this!  You could also use a regular blender or a hand blender to make the pesto.  Once again, I was missing an ingredient in the title of the recipe, but nevertheless, I persisted.  I substituted more parsley for the missing mint. The finished meal was fresh and full of the taste and smells of springtime! From Real Simple Magazine, Fusilli with Minty Pea Pesto 

I listened to the audio of  The A.I. Who Loved Me because it was by Alyssa Cole and it was included in my Audible subscription. This audiobook is more of a play for your ears as there are more than just one or two readers--including Regina King!  The story is the kind of top-notch contemporary romance you've come to expect from Alyssa Cole.  The story is so engaging I don't know if you should listen while driving!  

This is a short prequel to Rosie A. Point's Burger Bar Mystery series. If you want to give it a read you can click here and get a free copy.  When you are ready to read the series you can find it here on BookBub along with other cozy mysteries series Rosie has written.   The murder in this short book is simple, but I think it's more about meeting main characters in the Burger Bar Books. I liked being able to get a taste of this series before hopping into the first book. 

A handsome man and his abs grace the cover of this new release by Lisa Torquay. This is a historical romance that takes place in England in 1820.  The author  Lisa Torquay uses the language of the time so it may read as antiquated if you are used to reading contemporary romance. As you can tell from the title this book uses the trope of a class-bridging forbidden romance. He's a miner; her family owns the mine.  Being a woman, Amelia is seen as an asset to grow instead of a person with their own wants and needs.  It being the early 1800s, Amelia's brother is planning to marry her off to increase the political standing of the family. Will she throw a wrench in his plans?  You have to read to find out! You can purchase this book on Amazon. I was given an ecopy of the book by Lisa Torquay to review. 

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Thank you for sharing your short book reviews plus the great vegetarian idea.