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Monday, May 21, 2012

Word to the wise

Friday night we hosted 7 girls  for Anna's early 8th birthday party.  Since we are moving, I was a bit of a softy (or is it softie) and let her invite a total of 10 girls. This was a crazy move on my part.  I am quite lucky they didn't all come as I would have definitely lost my ever-loving mind.

Now Patrick just had a birthday sleepover a couple of weeks ago, he had three boys over and aside from the fight the boys had  the morning after the sleepover, it was all good.  When I say fight, I don't mean that they were name-calling or angry, I mean they were playing some fighting game they made up.

The girls on the other hand, oy.  Drama.  Much of it due to some being interested in running around playing and others wanted to do more sedate playing (think board game).  This led to tears about once per hour from someone who felt left out, and about every 90 minutes one of the girls wanted to go home. *Sigh* Now I know why my mom would only let me have 3 girls sleepover for my birthday as a child.

Around 12:30AM all the girls wanted to go home because they couldn't sleep.  Why couldn't they sleep?  Because they wouldn't stop talking!  So I told them all no, no they couldn't go home because I wasn't going to wake their parents up. They finally fell asleep around 1:30AM.

  All the girls were up jumping around by 7AM.  I am not a morning person, and when I don't get any sleep I am not-a-morning person to the 10th power.  Saturday morning it finally proved fortuitous that I married an annoying morning person because I had to have Tom oversee the girls til I had my coffee.  I didn't want to snap their little heads off first thing.

Once everyone had gone home and Anna had napped.  I asked her if she enjoyed the sleepover. She said it was even better than she had hoped.

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