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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Facebook Envy

I should preface this by saying, I realize this is silly and petty and I am almost over it. But, I've got to get this whine out of the way so I can move on, build a bridge, get over it and all that.

As you may know, this is Mother's Day and many a mom is enjoying a wonderful, wonderful day, as they should.  Children and significant others have made special plans and showered gifts upon the awesome moms in their lives.  They are also posting their thank yous and whatnot to Facebook. Which is great. I'd so rather see the love than see people arguing politics.

Nevertheless, I'm a little bummed for myself because no one at this house takes me seriously when I say that the best gift I could get for Mother's Day would be:
1. a clean house.
2. to not have to cook.
3. brunch.

I would also love some flowers, but they just die--or chocolate, but I gave up eating dairy so that won't work. So I'd really have liked my 2 other dreams to come true. 

Alas, it's not meant to be. I did get two wonderful handmade presents from Anna and Bryce.  HUGE thanks to their teachers for doing those projects. And The Man did go to the store and get some coffee. 

Then he asked me twice if I had made coffee yet. Bummer right?

That is my whine in a nutshell.  I completely get that it is lame.  I am very lucky, far too many of my Facebook friends are missing a loved one who they'll never see again on this day and I am crabby about making Mac & Cheese. 

I'm shaking off my acting like a baby and restarting the day.  Happy Mother's Day to All!  I hope it is gloriously sunny and lovely by you today--and I hope you get spoiled, spoiled, spoiled OR that you do some major spoiling for a mom in your life today!

My mom with all her grandkids cept the baby, Byron, from last summer at Anna Ruby Falls in Georgia.

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