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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Really Small Piece of Yellow Plastic

Remember how I was talking last post about getting rid of stuff in anticipation of our moving later this month?  How I enjoy the reducing of  'stuff'?  Well this morning, The Man was pretty bent out of shape. 

Turns out I threw out a piece of yellow plastic that was part of  his table saw.  Woopsie. As fate would have it, The Man realized it was missing after the garbage man had come and gone. Now I have to check with The Man before I clean out a drawer/cabinet or box.  *Sigh*

Wait, I just had an Oprah-worthy A-ha moment. I'm going to empower The Man to clean out and pack his own assorted stuff. This way I won't run the risk of throwing out other stuff that looks like junk to me that he likes, or is actually useful.
So after that debacle, which occured prior to my first cup of coffee...
I took my bowl of potato salad which I made with our new Garden Veggie Dip and headed over to Anna and the B-mans school for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.

Here is my Garden Veggie Potato Salad Recipe. I prepped the individual components last night and then mixed it all together this morning.

3 lbs washed and quartered yellow potatoes (skin on) boiled until they are fork tender
4 slices of Turkey Bacon cooked and crumbled. I made the turkey in the oven, that way the turkey bacon doesn't burn.
4 stalks of celery, chopped
1 bunch of green onions white and about 3 inches of green chopped
2 tablespoons of Garden Veggie Dip Mix mixed with 1 cup light mayo.

Super Easy, Super Good and 1000 times better than store-bought tater salad.

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