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Friday, March 2, 2012

Email notifications I really need to unsub

I enjoy the quest for enlightenment and self-improvement.  I also enjoy social media and the big wide world of the Internet.  Because of the mashup between these things I love, I get emails entitled:

1. From 43 things (a goal setting website I signed up for back in 2007):
RE:   Take Family to Hawaii in 2008!

Here we are 2012, haven't done that, have never gotten even close to saving enough $$ to go there.

2. From (a financial organizational website I signed up for back in probably 2009?

Did you know you are using too much of your total credit?

Yes. Yes I do. Very well aware.

3. From (food diary website)

We miss you! You are only 18.8 lbs away from your goal of losing 20 lbs!


4. From (a real estate website)

Your Hickory Hills Home Zestimate has decreased by 1.8%!

Thanks for the reminder that we bought at the height of the real estate bubble.

5. Every single Martha Stewart Daily Craft email.

Dear Email In Box:
Stop Mocking Me!

Thanks God the Internet is chock-full of LOLCATs.


Erin Bassett said...

I recently did a big letting go of email lists...feels so good now to actually open up my inbox and not see 100s of msgs!!

Victoria said...

nice Erin!