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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Totally Distracted.

Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, Book 2)All day long I've not been able to focus. I don't know why, I'm feeling very ADD.  Too much caffiene? maybe. Too many kids talking to me at once?  maybe. Lack of Vitamin D? A very distinct possibility.

This morning, when I walked back into the house after the bus picked up Anna.  Yes that was me sporting my bathrobe at the bus stop. The sun fooled me, I thought that my bathrobe would be warm enough, however I was chilly.  Back to me walking back into the  house, the first thing I see is Anna's Illinois Packet.  The packet should be in Anna's backpack to turn in at Daisy Scouts. 

I put the packet on the kitchen counter so that I could bring it with when I pick Anna up from Scouts.  I washed dishes and saw the packet repeating to myself that I was going to bring it with to Daisy Scouts. I walked by the packet as I did laundry, made lunch, and went through the mail.

When it was time to get Anna, I grabbed my jacket and my purse and headed over to the school.  I thought, "Anna will be happy to see I brought her packet and she can get her badge." Parked the car, and opened my purse and looked for the packet.  Looked again and then dug through my purse, it wasn't there.  I forgot the darn thing. Jeez.

Note to self, should have put the packet in my purse, not left it on the counter.

***good stuff in the mail today***
Rec'd some coupons and a book from Paperback Swap.  "Fool Moon"  by Jim Butcher.  It is the second book in his series about the cases taken and solved by Harry Dresden, the only professional wizard listed in the phone book.  Making it extra juicy for me is that Harry lives in my fair city, Chicago.  Also the reader for the audio version is James Marsters aka Spike from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Perfect voice for the character.  I listened to the first book so while reading this book, I'll be hearing Spike's voice albeit w/o Spike's English accent.

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