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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Guest Blogger, a young author named Patrick

Patrick wants to have a blog.  So I said he could post on mine.  He wrote a story for school so he is posting it here.  I hope you enjoy it!

Young Cowboy

Hi I'm Sam and this is the story of how I became a cowboy. It was June 1st, the first day of  Summer Break. But not just any Summer Break . This was the Summer Break that would change my life.

It was noon when Black Eye Joe, the meanest outlaw in town was robbing the bank. Someone called the sheriff. The sheriff came running out of his office to fight Black Eye Joe. They fought for hours until Black Eye Joe snuck up behind the sheriff and killed him. He started laughing maniacally and then he went to the jail cells and freed all the outlaws.

Soon the city was filled with danger. The outlaws stole all the money and horses except for the ponies. I told my Dad that the town was crazy dangerous and that we needed someone to fight Black Eye Joe and the outlaws. My Dad said, "I know son, and you're going to be that someone because I'm going to train you how to be a cowboy.You can't fight Black Eye Joe and the outlaws by yourself. Go get your friends and meet me at 7:00."

So I went and brought my friends. Oh and by the way, my friends' names are Patrick, Brenden and Katelyn.  Then at 7:03 we were all at the cave to meet my Dad. I said, "So, Dad, you said you're going to train us how to be cowboys. How's that possible?"
"Well you see son, your Grandpa used to be a cowboy. When I was your age, he taught me how to be a cowboy. Now I'm going to teach you and your friends how to be cowboys. But first you must pick a pony. "

I picked a brown pony. I named him Lightning. Then Patrick picked a white pony. He named him Water Wave. Then Brenden picked a black pony. He named it Lucky. Katelyn picked a white pony. She named it Princess.

After that my Dad taught us how to ride ponies and handle cowboy weapons and the skills all cowboys need. Then he gave each of us a cowboy weapon. I got a gun, Patrick got a lasso, Katelyn got a whip and Brenden, a boomerang.

The next day we all got on our ponies and then we all split up and took down all the outlaws one  by one. The only one left was Black Eye Joe. I was looking for him, but he found me first. He said, "So you're the one who caught all the outlaws."
Then I said, "Yah, so."
Then he said, "Well you're out of luck kid."

Right when he was about to shoot I yelled, "Now!" Katelyn knocked the gun out of his hand with her whip. Then Patrick tied his lasso around his arm and I said, "Looks like you lose."
"Did I?" he said. He grabbed on the lasso, pulling Patrick.  Then he got his knife out and threatened to kill Patrick. That's when I got my gun out and shot his knife. I said, "Now!"
Brenden threw his boomerang at Black Eye Joe knocking him out.

Finally we brought him to jail and saved the town.


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Beth (Elizabeth) LaMie said...

What a great story! I was rootin' for the good guys the whole way. It looks like your Mom has a new writer in the family. Nice job.