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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shamrock Shuffling

I'm all reshowered and I am ready for the best post race activity. A nap. In fact, I'm too lazy to get up and use the laptop, so I am texting this entry from my phone.

This year the Shamrock Shuffle was the biggest 8K race in the universe. 40k runners waiting to run, rounding up 5 miles. Today is also possibly the warmest 4/10/11 on record.

In a nutshell the race was hot. I don't know how I did timewise, I know it wasn't a PR , but so what. I'm sure the race coordinators are going to hear from many runners because it took a ridiculously long time to get to the start line--almost an hour. We actually were lined up to start by 845, so the H corral waited over an hour to inch up to the start line. That's way too long, especially considering the unseasonably warm weather, twas a mass of dehydrating!

On the plus side, it is a beautiful day. The shirts are super cute this year. Also,
I got to go with some other girls who were running their first Shamrock Shuffle and they did great! Thanks again to Kim P for inviting me!

Now off to my nap. I hope no one here thinks I am cooking lunch, it's my off day!

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Allison said...

Well done, Vic! I'm so bummed I didn't know you were in my corral, I would have called you! I managed to find Wendy, though. I've got a sunburn, how bout you? I agree, the start time was ridiculous! Definitely not a PR for me, either. Probably my worst 5 miles ever, but glad I did it anyway!