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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday

And so today is Fat Tuesday, and around Chicagoland it is all about the paczkis.  Paczkis are not pronounced like it looks.  According to Wikipedia it is pronounced paunch-key. But I've  also hear it pronounced more like punt-key.  In any case, it's big jelly or custard filled doughnuts people eat on Fat Thursday (thurs b/4 lent) or Fat Tuesday (day b/4 Ash Wed.). Cept here in Chicagoland people eat them on both days because, hey who wants to turn down the opportunity to have a nice big filled doughnut, right? 

Personally I've never had one, I don't like filling in my doughnuts.  Instead to celebrate Fat Tuesday, I gave in to my chocolate craving and bought chocolate easter eggs.  Yum.

We have to pick Tom up from the airport tonight, he is on his way home from NYC. Last week when we were talking about him going out of town it seemed like a fine idea to pick him up from the airport vrs. having a cab bring him home.  Now that the time is here, I really don't want to go to the airport, and there is no gas in the car.  So I have to stop and get gas b/4 going to the airport.  Blah.

Am I going to fill the tank up?  Oh no, I can't deal with putting more than $20-25 in the gas tank at a time.  I would cry to see how much it costs to fill it up, at least we get good gas mileage. Still would have been better to encourage Tom to take a cab, it's cold outside.

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