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Monday, March 28, 2011

Cold Cold Spring Break

Dead to the World (Original MM Art): A Sookie Stackhouse Novel (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood)

Alright, I need to take a moment and complain about the weather.  That's what we do here in Chicago. Forecast is in the 30Fs all week. Being that I could spend all winter huddled in bed reading books and sleeping, this weather isn't conducive to me changing out of fleecy pjs.

The children however, need to get out and should have some activities going on during their week break from school.  In retrospect, I should have seen about going down to GA to visit my family.  That would have been fun for the kids and refreshing for me. Temps in N. Georgia this week, well shoot the weather isn't very good there either.  Well back to our Spring Break here.  Since I know how I am about going out doing stuff in the cold, I talked with the kids and planned an activity a day for Mon-Thurs knowing that their nagging would get us out of the house.  Today's activity is a trip to the library--nice free activity. 

What am I reading now?  After re-reading Club Dead over the weekend, I want to dive into re-reading Dead to The World as I go through the Southern Vampire Mystery/Sookie Stackhouse Novels on my personal countdown to book #11, Dead Reckoning which will be out on 5/3.  Nod, yes, you are correct I am way to into the series--and a total Sookie/Eric shipper.  Much to my current dismay, Dead to the World is checked out of my library.  Boo.  Now I have to wait. 

What's for dinner?  I've been meal planning and it should be Garlic Roasted Chicken with mashed potatoes and green breans.  But since we weren't home last night--we didn't have Sunday's dinner of pizza set-ups from S&T's--so it's Pizza Monday.

I've held out as long as I could and now the natives are running around outside yelling and chasing each other, time to head out to the library.

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