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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shamrock Shake Time.

Another sure sign of spring!  Patrick informed me about 10 times before breakfast the other day that he'd heard of their return.  Then everyone wanted to run down to the McDonalds and get a shake stat. Fortunately I was able to remind Bryce and Anna that they don't even like them before we got to the drive-thru.  But wait there is more, we actually got our order right, the Shamrock Shake was plain.

I don't know why McDonalds decided they need to add whipped cream and a cherry on top of their shakes.  Totally overkill.  I bet there is an easy way I could make Shamrock Shakes at home now that I think about it...

Thinking about frosty treats reminds me that in a week, Bryce's Diorama of a Tundra Habitat is due. Ugh I am not a fan of projects that need my assistance to get done.  And the tundra?  Ugh what should it even look like?  A mound of cottonballs is not likely to cut it.

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