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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Looking for a good read?

This weekend I read a fantastic book.  Its one of those books where you find yourself a little sad at the end, not because the ending is sad, but because you are going to miss hanging out with the characters.  The book is set in Chicago and Las Vegas; which is fun for me since Chicago is my town and I've been to Vegas more than a couple times. 

What's the book like? It like a yummy blend of action, history, thriller, and sci fi with just a dash of romance.  To even call it romance is not quite fitting.  If you liked that book, The Davinci Code, you'll love The Thousand because it is like 1000 times better. :-)

Now my friend K and I read Kevin Gulfoile's first book, Cast of Shadows, and honestly we were worried--how would he be able to follow up on his first book.  But he rocked it with this sophmore effort.

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