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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Its like a heat wave

The high for today is 31 F.  After the coldness this past week, 31 is a heat wave.  Warm enough I am going to go run today.  I don't like running in the winter.  Given a choice of going out to run and braving the cold, unshoveled sidewalks and patches of ice OR running on a tredmill, I'll take the elements. 

Being that it is Thursday, I was getting all giddy about tomorrow being Friday and the whole weekend coming up. And then I remembered, I'm working Saturday.  Actually Im done with work 2morrow night at 7:30 and then will be back at work by 7am on Sat.  I like the actual work I do, it's interesting and challenging.  I personally am just not a fan of leaving my house and going into work.  I could take a pass on all that.  I think the office we have in the basement is more posh for sure than my cubicle.  And the commute would be much better.  Overall, it would be better for the Environment, if I could work from home.  Really me going to work is a disservice to Mother Earth.

I wonder if I could get Michele Obama to push for more people to work from home, like she is working on childhood obesity?  We could have tax incentives for employers and all the work at home people could pledge to snack on healthy fruits and veggies from their kitchens.  I think I am on to something here.

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