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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Best Cookies Ever

Got the most lovely of gifts recently...Cheryls Cookies.  Man they are just the best cookies every. And it's really good that they come individually packaged.  That way they are very portable and its much easier for me to not accidently each a bunch at one time. The frosted sugar cookes are my faves...Oh they are so good.  You have to try them.  There is a link to get a sample pack of 6 for just the shipping of $6.95

Cheryls free sample

Speaking of gifts once again this year Tom has said that he doesn't want me or the kids to get him anything for Christmas because if he wants anything he just goes and buys it.  This is such a pain, and no fun.  Christmas is about giving and I'd just like to be able to get him a few things for Xmas.  I guess he is trying to be helpful, but it's just a killjoy. Maybe I should wrap up some of his existing stuff so he has stuff to open on Christmas.  Yep That's what I am going to do!

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