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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tis Tuesday!

It's Tuesday, that means in 48 hours will be in Cancun and my parents will be spending an afternoon with Anna.  Hopefully they won't try to go shopping after school with her, because she is the worst when you are trying to get a few things from the grocery store or to check your coupons to save a couple bucks.  How can that sweet Anna be a nightmare at the store?  Well lets see:
1. sitting in the toliet paper/paper towel aisle on the toliet paper.
2. picking up a cucumber after the mister mists the veggies and licking off water.
3. Opening the egg boxes and taking out eggs.
4. saying she is tired and sitting in the middle of an aisle
5. running off in the store then when you walk over and get her, she starts saying MAMA YOU ARE HURTING ME.
6. this one only happened once, wanting to know how babies come out of their mama's tummies. (the last one was pretty cute, 1-5 not so much)

In about 15 minutes I have to take her with me to the dentist.  :-(  I hope my phone is charged up so she can watch the zack and cody video on it.  I tell ya the iphone has paid for itself 50x over between the use as a distracting to keep a kiddo from being bored to death, directions to host's houses, and even blogging!

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