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Friday, January 29, 2010

A little of this and a little of that

I made the Beouf Borg. recipe last night. I had to cook it a good 45 minutes more than it said and really the thyme is crucial to the dish because the first 1 1/2 hours it was cooking I forgot to put it in, and it was lacking in flavor. However, once it was in there it was much better.

Now I don't know what the grocery stores have against frozen pearl onions, but I could not find any! So I bought fresh pearl onions and boiled them for 3 minutes and used those and it worked well.

This week I felt I did a great job of getting the best bang for my grocery buck. I circled all the good deals on the items I needed at Fairplay and then I did the same for the Jewel flyer. Fairplay was great, they had the stuff that was on sale, you could tell it was on sale and the prices were good. Then at Jewel, they put in their flyer this FAV 4 deal where you can pick any of large varieties of meat and pay $20. The flyer lists about 10 items and then it says many more in the store! The thing is some packages are marked with a green sticker, and others aren't so how would you know what is what, there isn't a complete list of the products anywhere. Grrrrr.

I thought an hour and 10 minutes would be plenty of time for my trip to Jewel, but it took way longer than I thought. Then there I was at the checkout at 11:26am, Anna's bus get to her stop at 11:34 (ish). Everything was rung up, then it was 11:28am, I give the cashiers my coupons and 1 valid coupon will not work. She tries for a good couple of minutes 11:30, and it won't go through...ahh I'm sweating bullets, must get to bus stop, don't want to miss Anna's bus. Hurry!

The manager gets called over and says that the reason it isn't ringing up is that I cant use a coupon and also get a deal that they have printed in their paper. The deal is buy one 2-4 count package of Orville Reddenbacher Popcorn @ 3.59 and receive 1 package of popcorn free and 2 2-liters of 7up brand pops. They have a special display up on an endcap and everything. I was excited because I had a $1.00 off a package of Orville Reddenbacher manufacturer coupon. Now, I don't think that is right because the add doesn't say no other offers accepted. It just lists the deal which I took advantage of and should have been able to use my coupon. I find the deals at Jewel extremely frustrating because what they say at the store frequently doesn't match up with their ad. This is just the latest example. Maybe I would have complained, but I really needed to get to the bus and get Anna. Also, I have visited the customer service desk before and it really has done nothing but cause me to be frustrated and angry.

I bet you are asking why do I continue to shop at Jewel. I ask myself the very same questions the answers are:
1. It's very close to my house.
2. I know where everything is (except for those french fried onions you put on top of green bean casserole because they hide those! LOL
3. Hope springs eternal. Every few weeks I think I'll be able to take my coupons, get the items I need on sale and go to the checkout, have things ring up the price listed in their ad, and have my coupons work.

And that is my story, I am though going to try to shop more at Fairplay since there prices are straight forward, typcially less on most items, esp. in the deli.

In a perfect world I would have my personal assistant do my grocery shopping.
And now a guest blogger
A Story by Anna Hamel:

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Mrs. Z. (that's Anna's teacher). And she was lost in the woods and there was a big bad wolf. And it sniffled and snapped because it wanted to eat the beautiful princess.

And so the princess climbed on his back cause the big bad wolf had a big back and it was because there was a river and she couldn't get past it. The big bad wolf said climb up closer to my head cause the water was getting deeper and then it said get closer to my mouth cause the water is getting deeper.

then he said climb up to my face because the water is getting deeper, deeper, and deeper. Then he almost ate her. Then she grabbed a rope and grabbed his mouth, then other people came and they had a fiesta.

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