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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Since Monday my side has hurt. At I was sure it was mittelschmerz because it's just like that and the timing was right, but that shouldn't last more than a day and my side still hurts. Great, thanks for the medical update Victoria, right? But I have a point, so read on.

This morning at 830 I called my primary Doctor. I wasn't sure if I needed to see a reg. dr or a girl dr, and I thought I'd start with my reg. Dr. I called and spoke to the nurse. I told her my side hurt and I needed to see my dr. She said the next appointment they had open was today at 11am (can't get there at that time b/cause of Anna in 1/2 day kindergarten and I have to get her off the bus since I don't currently have a nanny to take care of that sort of thing for me.) OR April 9th.

APRIL 9th???!!! Seriously???

I said: Even if I need to come in because I am in pain?

She said: well you could trying early in the morning in case someone cancels... or you can take the April 9th Appointment.


All I can say is I don't know so much why people are very up in arms about the possiblity of healthcare reform, it's not like good insurance is doing me much good! I figure either w/ or w/o reform our healthcare system is a PITA.

On the plus side, I called my girl doctor and the nice nurse got me in at 415pm today. So I've got that going for me :-D

I went to Aldi this AM and enjoyed the peace and quiet of Aldi (they don't play music over the PA system) and shopping w/o Anna. One of the many pluses of shopping there is that Aldi doesn't have a ton of yummy snacky items and sweets can derail healthy eating.

Let me share with you some of the highlights

8oz fresh mushrooms 69 Cents
3 lb bag Tropicana Clementines $2.49
Bag of Salad, 49 cents
Cat Food, 32 cents

A whole cart of groceries, enough for about a week (except for us running out of milk before then) Only $75. Some people think that Aldi stores are icky or that they don't have fresh produce. However, I have found the stores to be clean and the produce just as good as anywhere else.

I purchased a pack of Center Cut Pork Chops and I threw them in the crockpot with some of the Tastefully Simple Slow Cooker Savory Mushroom Sauce. We'll have that with the steamable bag of broccoli florets and roasted potatoes seasoned with TS Seasoned Salt. The family can eat that and I'll be off to my Tastefully Simple party tonight in New Lenox!

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Elizabeth (Beth) LaMie said...

Good luck at your appt - what a diff at the two offices. I also agree that we need to do something about health care reform, but I was concerned that they were trying to rush into something without considering was works now.

Health care has been a volatile topic since the 1940's, so there doesn't seem to be an easy solution. Whatever they come up with, I wish Congress had to abide by the same plan, not the elite version they currently enjoy. But I guess there is no likelihood of that happening, is there?