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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back from Leadership Oasis.

What a great view to see from our hotel. I don't think I've ever been any closer to mountains before, they were RIGHT THERE.

I can't tell you have wonderful it was to be in the sunshine for 4 wonderful wonderful days. Warm sun I should say.

The most amazing thing during the trip was the beauty of Sabino Canyon. Fabulous. We hiked to the bottom of it and that is where my new profile pic was taken. I love the desert so much, I wonder if the Leadership 2010 trip to Orlando will be a letdown? Nahhh!

We talked to the kids and we are looking at having Tom and the kids come down on the Sunday of leadership and then we'll have a family vacation at the Nick Hotel. Yes I know Orlando is the land of Disney. but anyone who has met Patrick knows we are a Spongebob House. This means we have 1 year to save up!

To that end I am working hard on starting off my 2009 will a steady party schedule. I saw a sign on a Banquet Hall that might be my matra for 2009.

2009 is Party Time! LOL

At leadership they told us about a new initiative and a new product and that is privileged info I cannot divulge until late Feb. A whole month I have to sit on this! AHHHH! One thing I can say is that the new product does not contain peanut butter.

While I was gone, Tom really cleaned the house. And by that I mean really cleaned. He even cleaned the stove top, told the grates off and everything! Can you believe it? I got home and it's like Christmas! I think he might have taking out his stress by cleaning, because while I was gone a pipe burst over at our old house and cause a bunch of havoc for tom and his brother/girlfriend & kids who live there. Fortunately, thanks to the Country Company and our agent Erica, a check is already on it's way for the repair operation.

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