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Monday, January 5, 2009

50 million things to do

I have 50 million things I want to do. Some more than others. And now I will post my list of what I need to do, feel free to read this if you need reading material to fall asleep because fascinating it is not!
1. make appt to get taxes done.
2. do paperwork that has to be done so I can get taxes done.
3. count days until Cruise.
4. apply for a passport so I can go on my free Cruise.
5. figure out when my flights are for Tucson.
6. figure out when my flights are for Miami for the Cruise.
7. figure out if someone can watch the kids so Tom can work while I am on the Cruise.
8. get painting done in the house.
9. update my ipass cc number
10. send out coaching call forms to people on my team.
11. stop and take a breathe.
12. stop making this list, it's stressing me out!

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