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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Too much to do.

I really need more time before Christmas. Not to shop, I have that done, but to do Christmas Cards --haven't started on that yet, might not do it this year. And the wrapping of the presents which is the number one thing I like doing least during the holidays--and it shows in the crappy way I wrap because I am too impatient to put any effort into wrapping. I really should switch over to all Gift Bags. That is a great idea for next year.

I have had 4 Tastefully Simple open house events this year, and so far the ones at people's homes have not gone well for me --saleswise or bookingswise--I'm just not running into my people--the people who love the TS and who like trying new things (f00d-wise) and would like to host a party. I have 2 more events left, both of which are fundraisers --one of which is for PADS which stands for something like Parishes, A? Delivering Shelter. It's churches that open up and provide shelter on a certain day of the week for the homeless --different churchs do different days of the week. So that is a cause I am very happy to fundraise on behalf of--also this Fri I'll be at a Spa Night fundraiser for Relay for Life and that is another great one I love to fundraise for through my business.

Statistics I am happy about.
My sales are up 15% this year and I am thisclose to $47,000 in sales.
My Team Sales are up over 35% for the year--and they are past $125,000 for the year.

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