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Monday, December 1, 2008

My heart has been stolen

I was at Carsons Piere Scott, mid moring on Blacke Friday, when I saw and tried on the most fabulously wonderful boots ever. Doorbuster. Picked over boxes. No boots left in my size (I need and 8.5--I like to wear thick socks-I can't stand having cold feet).

I hugged the pair I tried on and left. Last night I dreamed of the boots. Today I googled the boots. Ruff Hewn.

Sold only in the Carson family of stores. Bon-ton, Bergmans, Elder Beerman, sniff sniff, they don't care the style online. Ruff Hewn Amsterdam. I searched and searched and I cannot even find a picture of these boots.Tears are streaming down my face. Oh beautiful boots!

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kat said...

Your face alone was priceless! No pic to even drool on WTF?