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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Las. Vegas gets 4 inches of Snow.

Crazy weather and we are looking at a big storm coming to Chicagoland w/in hours. Now who knows because sometimes they say we are getting a big storm and we get like maybe 1 inch of snow.

In any case, the snow in Las Vegas reminds me of Leadership Las Vegas in ah 2006 where it was in the 20s on the strip and they had a dusting of snow (it was January) now that was a major bummer--to go from January in Chicago to January in Chicago in Las Vegas.

Red 40.
That is a red food dye that I really think makes Bryce have an attack of ADHD. I have kept track of when Bryce doesn't listen, and is fighting w/his sister and brother and yelling and over a couple weeks I saw that if he get the food coloring he is aweful. Today was his school Christmas party and suffice it to say I think the cupcakes had red frosting

Countdown to me going to Leadership Tucson 27 days. :-)

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