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Monday, June 16, 2008

Relay for life on Friday

Well on Friday I am participating in a local Relay for Life overnight event. I really am not sure how it will go...I have like a tent thing, but not a tent tent, I have one of those coverings you put up that is like a cheap version of a tent for an outdoor sale event.

Tom will be home with Anna and I'll be there w/the boys. I really hope it all goes no storms and no crabby kids. I think I should probably check w/Tom and see if we have a tent tent somewhere in the garage...

I figure I can do lots of walking, since Im used to running. Really I am just giving myself a pep talk on the whole thing right now, I don't like going to places where I don't know exactly how things work--but who does like to try new stuff right? I'll also be doing onsite fundraising w/my TS and I will have at least one team member coming up there--I need to work on hopefully finding another team member or 2 who might want to come up there as well.

Today Anna turned 4, and what did she want to do for her birthday. Get a pink booster seat. So we went to Target since it looked like they'd have better selection on booster seats than WalMart...but they didn't. So I got her a Dora necklace from the one spot..and we went over to Trader Joes because the one other thing Anna really really wanted to do on her birthday was get a little shopping cart and put food in it. LOL Fortunately when we got to Trader Joes they had a mini shopping cart available for the birthday girl to use. Fortunately for me she only almost rammed it into about 3 fellow patrons of the Trader Joes--she was pushing the cart around like she was Danica Patrick...

Then she finished offer her day w/a big piece of chocolate creme pie that Auntie Teri brought over.

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