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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Anna is turning 4, my summer experiment

Here is the Princess Cake I made for Ms. Anna's birthday. It was a big hit w/the girls. Pink frosting Pink Cake... And Anna got lots of fun princess-y stuff for her birthday from all her friends and family. She especially loved the dresses from Auntie Kat--yes she is all girl.
I am on some pins and needles as I am so close to my goal to promote to Team Mentor on 7/1...but it is mostly out of my hands and in the hands of my team. It's hard to work hard and sit back and be patient at the same time.
On the running front, I ran the Ridge Run again this year and survived. Oh and then they take pics of you during the race and email them to you in case you want to order them for a memento...yah-no. My pics I should get printed and put on the fridge --that's a guaranteed way to skip opening the fridge! I want to run a 1/2 marathon again and finish faster than last year and to that end I got a new pair of running shoes FREE w/my coke rewards point collecting --that was super cool AND I am doing a change of diet experiment to try and lose weight cause then I would be running faster (less drag...)
So I am on day 4 of my new diet of no meat no dairy. I think I'll probably lose about 1000 lbs cause I love dairy and cutting it out really is reducing all the fun! LOL.--On the plus side, peanut butter is in....
Tonight I made quinoa and mixed that w/corn and black bean salsa and yum, it was delish and today I also found out margarine doesn't contain meat or dairy which was news to me, duh! Of course since I want to lose weight, I won't be able to sit around and eat toast w/margarine all day as lovely as that would be!

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