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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I like Swiss Chard

Every other week a box of fresh organic fruits and veggies along w/organic eggs and milk shows up at my front door. It's my little luxury and I tell you organic red potatoes taste a ton sweeter than conventional..and there is a big difference w/oranges as well. The box of food we get is called a goodie box because it is a random assortment of seasonal fruits and vegetables. I am really looking forward to the cherry season for example.

This week our box contained a few stalks of swiss chard, which I've not had before. It looks like a cross btwn rhurbarb and kale--but fortunately it tastes like a mild spinach. With each delivery comes the bill--and more importantly a sheet of recipes. This sheet had a recipe for Chard and Cheddar Omlettes. So I revised it to make it healthy and had it as an under 200 calorie lunch.

Chard and Cheaddar Omlette:

6 egg whites
1 cup chopped swiss chard
1 oz 75% reduced fat Cabot Cheddar Cheese grated
1 tbsp Onion Onion (dry)

In a small bowl whisk the Onion Onion into the egg whites. Spray skillet w/Pam, w/pan on med. heat add swiss chard and saute until the chard is wilted. Then add the egg/onion onion mixture into the pan and do the omlette thing, and if the eggs sticke to the pan cause you used an iron skillet like me, then adjust and make scrambled chard and cheddar. When cooked, finish by sprinkling the cheese on top, yum!

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Kat said...

I love how your always trying new things even if it is just for you! Wish I were closer for lunch!