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Saturday, June 12, 2021

#TheSundayPost The Weekend Before Father's Day-


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A reminder that you have six days until father's day if that is something you need to plan for, now's the time to do it!  Don't tell my husband but we, and by we, I mean me, bought him a hammock for the backyard. I am hoping Middle Child will put it together for me. 

Here in my neck of the woods, it was hot and rain-free until Saturday afternoon when it poured.  I think we got about 2-3 inches of rain in half an hour.  This should help my garden and our weed-filled yard. 

I had a rough long 6-mile training run on Saturday. This was completely due to the hot humid weather.  I am so glad I have my small backyard pool it gave me a focus and a finish line.  Finish run, dunk head in pool! 

I was very glad I had an engaging audiobook on my run, I needed the distraction as the miles slowly rolled by.  I will be posting a review of it tomorrow. 

On Tuesday me and Youngest Child will be heading back to the DMV to see if the second time around she'll be passed by the instructor and get her license.  This time we are planning to arrive at the office an hour and a 1/2 before they open to get as close to the door as possible.  Hopefully, she can take her road test while she is fresh and the instructors are fresh as well.   This time we are bringing chairs, snacks, water, and headphones. 

Wednesday I have my annual exam at the dermatologist.  As far as I can tell that should go well aside from having a medical professional look at all my skin--awkward. 

I currently have a Kindle Unlimited subscription and it includes digital Food Network Magazine.  I am planning to look through it for a new recipe or two to try out over the upcoming week. 

I'm also reading Get A Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibert, and The New Husband by D. J. Palmer.  I'll be reviewing them this week and may throw in another book--depending on how things go! 

How are things with you?  How's it going? 


Tanya @ Girl Plus Books said...

Having a dunk in the pool to look forward to is definitely a good incentive. :)
I had a subscription to Food Network magazine several years ago and really enjoyed it.
I've heard great things about Get a Life, Chloe Brown!

Yvonne said...

I have Kindle Unlimited. I really need to use it more, though. So many good books and magazines on there.

The New Husband looks good. I look forward to your review.

Hope you have a great week!

Northwoman said...

It's hard to believe it's that hot there. It's in the 80s here but I think we sometimes have less humidity than the Midwest. Also our temperature range is smaller, and we don't get as cold or as hot. July and August will be hot though.

I just realized I could get magazines with KU and I chose a couple. I haven't looked at any of them yet. I loved Chloe Brown!

Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

Literary Feline said...

Thank you for the reminder about Father's Day. I have part of a gift ready, but I wanted to get my husband something else in addition. A hammock is a great idea for your husband! My dad, when he was alive, loved the one we got him. He would nap and read it his all the time.

A dunk in the pool sounds so nice. I wish we had a pool. We could use one this week with the heat setting in. The sprinklers just aren't the same.

I hope you are enjoying your reading and good luck to your daughter this second time around. She can do it!

Have a great week, Victoria!

Greg said...

Ooh that hammock sounds like a pretty good gift! :) Hope it goes over well. And yay for pools, right? That's quite a run!

Good luck at the DMV as well! Isn't it sad we have to camp out lol?

Maureen's Books said...

The idea of a 6 mile run is already hard for me. LOL!
And that hammock sounds like a great gift.
Have a great week and happy reading.