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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's the middle of July and I feel like Summer is Over

I'm feeling like Fall is right around the corner. This has nothing to do with the current weather. I'm feeling like Fall for several reasons.

1. Because March this year seemed like June--and that was weather related--
2. Football practice has started--we all know Football rhymes with Fall.
3. Tastefully simple's fall product unveiling is just around the corner! National Conference always makes me feel Fallish.

Time sure flies, I hope to get a chance sometime soon to smell the roses.


Chelle {Everyday Polish} said...

Hey just stopping by from SITS!!! I definitely feel like summer is already over also- I'm already planning for the fall!

Victoria said...

Im glad it's not just me! Summer just flying by!

Nicole said...

SITS visit! I have completely been feeling the same way! Looking forward to seeing more on your blog. :)

Victoria said...

Thanks for stopping by! Im heading your way now!

Nicole F said...

I'm hopping over from the SITS website. Cute post. Too funny that "football rhymes with fall". I've been struggling with this summer-half-over bit. I'll definitely check back often.

Suzanne...The Wine{a}be said... supplies out in the stores! I have mixed feelings about it. Stopping in from SITS!

Shannon said...

Visiting from SITS!

I feel the same way... where did summer go?! My kids start school in 20 days. TWENTY. DAYS. Ugh.